I guess it’s time to review all of the material I have covered¬† up until now. I also need to do more of the suggested listening that is in Essentials of Flatpicking Volume One. My runs and bass fills still sound forced to my ears.¬† I guess that’s inevitable in the beginning, but it is […]

So after a month of noodling with all the bass walk ideas in Essentials of Flatpicking I can be sure that it’s going to take a long time to really internalize them. But I do notice that I am a lot less bored with my playing!

I’ve been noodling away these last few weeks with the ideas from the first section of Essentials of Flatpicking Volume One. I can now play through them quite well in tempo with the metronome. But I am still not able to use them fluently in my playing while jamming with others. Just yesterday I was […]

I took my guitar down to the beach this morning to spend some time reviewing and noodling with the first fifteen or so lessons from Essentials of Flatpicking Volume One. I can’t say that I have internalized all the ideas and runs, but they do feel good under my fingers and I can play lots […]

I am now reviewing all of the material I have covered up until the eighth note exercises in Flatpicking Essentials. Now that I am back at work ( starting on Tuesday), I need to formalize a system and time of study. I am thinking of ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the […]

The Sorrento Bluegrass Festival was blessed by beautiful weather and music. The weather was 24 degrees, blue skies and a soft wind keeping us all fresh. The music lineup included- Sorrento Bluegrass Festival Line-up 12 noon – Chris Steven Family Band http://www.chrisstevens.ca 12:45 pm – Blu & Kelly Hopkins http://www.bluhopkins.com 1:30 pm – Shout!White Dragon […]

I woke up Friday morning with lots of time to work on my metronome exercises. Then we had a last class with Archie on the banjo. He recorded some of the lessons and licks for us and I shared them around by email. We did lots more jamming last night. Particularly strong memories include singing […]